Oh, hi! Welcome to the Awards. This is the place where we’ve gathered all of our award-winning recommendations into one spot. It’s kinda like our trophy room. Here you can thumb through the best-of-the-best connected home products and services. Go on, take a look!

What are Awards?

The Awards highlight the connected home products and services that stand out in their respective categories.

We’ve divided the Awards into two separate types: Value Pick and Editor’s Choice.

Value Picks are the services we recommend for getting the most out of what you’re paying for. The Value Pick lives on a category level and there is usually only one per category. This means out of all the choices in a given category, this one will usually be our go-to recommendation.

Editor’s Choices go to our pick for a particular use. Well, what does that mean? It means we recognize that not everyone needs or even wants the same thing out of a given product or service. Some people value a certain feature more than others or have a specific need that the Value Pick may not fulfill. An example of this would be our Best DIY Security System article. We highlight several systems based on their DIY capability. An Editor’s Choice award is given to the product or services that best represents DIY.

How do we pick the winners?

Our team of industry experts research and test the products and services we review looking to compare price, equipment, installation, features, and customer service. Each criterion is assigned a rating which is then weighted to produce an overall rating. From these ratings, we decide on a Value Pick for the category at large and an Editor's Choice for each individual use case.

We revisit our ranking and awards as industries change, new tests are performed, and new insights are gathered so we can update our Awards to reflect our most recent findings and recommendations.