Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans of 2023

We compared dozens of prepaid plans in terms of price, performance, data, and family options to determine our recommendations.

Best Value
4 out of 5 stars
Best Data Speeds
Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile
4 out of 5 stars
Capped at 40 GB
Best No-Data Plan
US Mobile
US Mobile
3.8 out of 5 stars
No data
Best Family Plan
3.5 out of 5 stars
$90/mo. (for 3 lines)
Unlimited but throttled at 3 Mbps
Tyler Abbott
Staff Writer, Mobile & Wireless
February 21, 2023
10 min read

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We looked at dozens of the best prepaid cell phone plans available and found our favorite in terms of price, performance, data, and family or multi-line options. These are our picks for budget-friendly prepaid cell phone plans:

Visible Wireless's unlimited data plan offers the best value. You get unlimited data, free hotspot data, and access to Verizon's network for just $30/month.

Mint Mobile operates on T-Mobile's network, which may not have as vast a network as Verizon, but it does have the fastest data speeds on average.

US Mobile's unlimited talk and text, no-data plan is only $7 a month, and it runs on Verizon’s fantastic network. 

Cricket Wireless's family plan is the all-data, no-drama solution to keeping your family connected. Get all the talk, text, and data your family needs to stay tight.

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Visible Wireless



Mint Mobile


Unlimited Data

US Mobile


Unlimited Talk & Text with No Data

Cricket Wireless


Core Unlimited Family Plan

To figure out which one is best for you, we want to lay out what we look for in a great prepaid cell phone plan.

What to look for in a prepaid cell phone plan

You don't have to sign a long contract and pay a bunch of money for a great cell phone plan. Those days are gone. Now, there are dozens of small prepaid carriers out there scrambling to offer you the best and most affordable deal. Here's how we separate the good from the bad and the ugly.

  • Plan pricing: We expect prepaid plans to be affordable and budget-friendly, so we focused on individual plans that were around $40 or less. Our multi-line recommendation is under $100 for three lines. That's the price ballpark we consider fair.
  • Contract flexibility: Prepaid plans usually have a pay-as-you-go and quit-when-you-want structure. All the ones we recommend here are no-contract plans.
  • Network performance: What network does your carrier use? Prepaid plans can be a great way to get on a top-flight network at an affordable price.
  • Data allotment: There are prepaid plans with unlimited data, some data, and no data. Be sure to pick one that matches your actual data use, as overages can be pricey.
  • Data speeds: Most prepaid plans have some kind of limitation on data speeds, either in the form of a throttling threshold or low overall download rates. You'll want to consider how that could affect your daily phone use before you sign up.
  • Perks: Just know up front that you won't find many perks, like streaming subscriptions or other discounts, with prepaid plans. So when we do find a prepaid plan with perks, we definitely take note.

If you want to know more about prepaid and postpaid plans, check out our comparison of prepaid vs. postpaid cell phone plans

Visible Wireless: Best value

Visible’s unlimited plan is an affordable powerhouse
  • Best network coverage
  • Truly unlimited data
  • Hotspot data and other perks
  • Data deprioritization

What we like about Visible's prepaid cell phone plans

If you’ve spent much time perusing’s mobile pages, you’ve probably noticed that we’re big fans of Visible Wireless. We’ve named it one of the best cell phone plans overall, best unlimited data plans, and one of the best plans under $40, to name just a few of the honors. What's more, Visible just reduced the price of its basic unlimited plan down to $30/month.

So why do we like this prepaid cell phone plan so much? The short answer is: it gives you truly unlimited data on Verizon’s expansive network. Oh, and the unlimited hotspot data helps too.

Best network coverage

Visible operates using Verizon’s network. And while T-Mobile may win the speed test, Verizon is the clear winner when it comes to overall coverage. If you don’t believe, just take a gander at this coverage map.

This means that a Visible SIM card will get you the best coverage in the nation, whether you’re quarantined in the city or taking a cross-country road trip!

Want to see all of the carriers that run on Verizon’s network?

We’ve reviewed every single MVNO on the nation’s best network. Check it out!

Truly unlimited data

Remember what we said about Mint Mobile capping your data at 40 GB? Well, it’s not the only prepaid carrier that does that. Almost every cell phone plan has some sort of data cap, and once you go beyond that cap your data gets slowed down.

But not with Visible. Visible Wireless’s unlimited data plan comes with truly unlimited data. You can use 5 GB, 100 GB, or more. So if you’re looking for a plan to replace your home internet, this is a great option (though it’s not the fastest option—more on that below).

Hotspot data and perks

Turning your mobile device into a hotspot can really help you out in a tight spot, whether you’re exploring the world in your RV, stranded in the airport, or your home internet has gone out. And Visible customers can use as much hotspot data as they’d like.

There are a couple of restrictions though. You can only tether one device at a time and your speeds will be capped at 5 Mbps.

Visible offers one other nice perk: right now, you can pick up a $100–$200 prepaid Mastercard when you sign up for a plan or buy a new device on your existing plan. That’s like the cherry on top of an already delicious pie!

What we don’t like about Visible's prepaid cell phone plans

We’ve only been able to find one serious flaw with Visible Wireless, and it’s a common issue for most prepaid providers and MVNOs: data deprioritization.

Data deprioritization

As we explained before, data deprioritization is when the network owner (in this case Verizon Wireless) decides to slow down your data speeds during times of “congestion.” This means that your data speeds on Visible will probably range between 5–12 Mbps instead of topping out at around 30 Mbps.

Five to 12 Mbps is still plenty of speed for most normal activities, like streaming music and video, playing games, and browsing the web. But if you’re a serious gamer or need your phone for working on the go all the time, then you might want to consider a plan from AT&T or Verizon instead.

Alternative picks

Finally, let’s take a quick look at how Visible stacks up against the Big Three providers—AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Here’s a chart of all of these carriers’ cheapest unlimited data plans.

Unlimited data plan comparison

Mint Mobile: Best data speeds

More 5G coverage with T-Mobile's network
  • Widespread 5G network
  • Cheap unlimited plan
  • Hotspot data
  • Cost goes up after 90 days
  • Data capped at 40 GB

What we like about Mint Mobile's prepaid cell phone plans

You may know Mint Mobile for the carrier’s charismatic part-owner, who is none other than Ryan Reynolds (yes, that Ryan Reynolds). But there’s a lot more to this prepaid carrier than a handsome face. Mint offers one of the cheapest unlimited plans in the industry, along with impressive data speeds on T-Mobile's 5G network.

Powered by T-Mobile

Prepaid providers, like Mint Mobile, usually piggyback on a larger company’s network. In this case that company is T-Mobile, which is good news for Mint customers.

T-Mobile may not have the best coverage in the nation (though it is plenty good in most areas), but it does have the best data speeds. T-Mobile leads the pack in both the upload and the download speed categories. Gamers, streamers, influencers, and everyone else who enjoys using the internet on their phone will benefit from these speeds.

Affordable unlimited plan

Mint Mobile used to be the sole owner of the "cheapest unlimited plan" award, but in the past few months, other carriers like Visible and Tello have matched Mint's pricing. Nobody has beat Mint's $30/month unlimited plan yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if Mint drops its price even lower soon. Take a look at how Mint's unlimited plan compares to other carriers:

Cheapest unlimited data plans comparison
Want to learn more about mobile data?
Light Bulb

Check out our article on mobile data to figure out just how much you really need to be paying for.

Free mobile hotspot data

A lot of prepaid cell phone plans do away with special features and perks, like free hotspot data. But not Mint Mobile.

With a Mint SIM card and an unlimited data plan, you’ll be able to turn your phone into a mini mobile hotspot. You can use all of your allotted data (up to 40 GB) as hotspot data, which is great news for folks who like to stream a show or work on their laptop while they’re waiting at the airport.

What we don’t like about Mint Mobile's prepaid cell phone plans

You don’t end up with one of the cheapest unlimited plan on the market without making a few compromises. So, where does Mint Mobile fall a bit short?

12-month Commitment for best price

In order to lock in your $30/month price tag, you'll need to pay for 12-months of service in advance. If you want to pay month-to-month, you'll see a price increase around $10 a month. Part of the appeal of prepaid cell phone plans is the ability to change carriers on the fly, but you'll need to commit to Mint if you want the cheapest price. 

Data slowdowns after 40 GB

Let’s talk about data throttling and deprioritization a little bit.

Deprioritization happens when your carrier slows down your data speeds during times of congestion. Pretty much every single prepaid plan on the market comes with risk of deprioritization, including Mint. If you want to always receive the best speeds available, you’ll have to go straight to the network owner (T-Mobile) to buy a plan.

Throttling is when your carrier slows down your speeds once you’ve used a certain amount (called your data cap). On this Mint Mobile plan your data cap is 40 GB. Once you go over that, your speeds will go way down to 128 Kbps, which is kind of like going from broadband internet to dial-up. It’s not pretty.

While this may sound pretty bad, it’s actually quite standard. Besides, most folks won’t get even close to using 40 GB of data a month.

Mint Mobile new customer discounts

What's better than cheap service? Free. Mint Mobile is usually always offering a great new customer discount. Right now, you can get 6 months of free service when you switch over and buy 6 months. 

Alternative picks

So you want a cheap prepaid unlimited data plan. But you just really don’t like Ryan Reynolds (or something else about Mint Mobile). Here’s a look at your other options for an affordable cell phone plan.

Cheapest unlimited data plans comparison

US Mobile: Best no-data plan

Unlimited talk and text that costs less than a Chipotle burrito
  • Amazing price
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Uses Verizon’s network
  • No perks or phone deals

What we like about US Mobile's prepaid cell phone plans

We think US Mobile’s unlimited talk and text plan is pretty darn cool. Which is why we dubbed it the best value no-data plan on the market. Here are the things we love about the plan.

Amazing price

There are cheap plans and then there are super cheap plans. This prepaid plan is the latter. At just $7 a month, US Mobile’s phone service could be the cheapest utility you pay. It could be cheaper than your Netflix subscription. It could be cheaper than … you get the idea.

There are tons of cheap cell phone plans out there

It’s not just US Mobile. You can read up on all the best super-cheap plans in our review of the most affordable plans out there.

Unlimited talk and text

This section is pretty self-explanatory. We like US Mobile’s plan because it gives you unlimited minutes and messages. Go ahead, chat with your sister for five hours. Don’t be afraid to text your boo while you’re at work all day.

Verizon’s powerful network

Remember that classic scene in The Lion King where Mufasa says, “Look Simba, everything the light touches is Verizon’s network”? Well, he’s right. Verizon’s network is the best in the nation. And as a US Mobile customer, you’ll be like King Simba: you’ll get it all.

What we don’t like about US Mobile's prepaid cell phone plans

Look, it’s hard to complain about a $7 plan. But, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Here’s our biggest complaint about US Mobile’s no-data plan.

No perks or deals on new devices

Many other carriers offer free subscriptions, hotspot data, free international calling, and other handy features. US Mobile is more a “what you see is what you get” sort of company. You get talk and text and nothing else. Nada. Zilch.

That means you also won’t be seeing any awesome deals on a new iPhone 11 or other device.

Alternative picks

No review is complete without a peek at the competition. Here are the other lowest priced no-data plans on the market.

Talk and text only plan comparison

Cricket Wireless: Best family plan

Get your whole family in on this affordable unlimited plan from Cricket
  • Affordable
  • Decent coverage
  • 10 GB of hotspot data
  • Data throttling

What we like about Cricket's prepaid cell phone plans

Cricket Wireless is one of the older MVNOs around (it got started way back in the '90s!). But the company has managed to stay relevant by offering awesome deals on its prepaid family plans. Here’s a closer look at everything we like.


Broke: saving yourself some money on your individual cell phone plan. Woke: saving your whole family money on a family phone plan

Yep, you can bundle three unlimited data lines together on Cricket Wireless for just $90 a month. Here’s a look at how much a similar plan would look like on AT&T (which runs on the same network as Cricket).

Clearly, Cricket gets you more bang for your buck. And if you go up to four lines you’ll just pay an extra $10. In short: the more lines you add, the more money you save.

Decent coverage

Cricket runs on the AT&T network, which doesn’t take any awards for the best coverage or data speeds. But that doesn’t mean it's bad. In fact, AT&T’s network is pretty darn good. You’ll get coverage in pretty much every metropolitan and suburban area, and you’ll have access to an ever-growing 5G network.

10 GB of hotspot and other perks

Having a little hotspot data up your sleeve can really come in handy. With Cricket you’ll get a full 10 GB, which is about enough to stream the latest season of The Great British Baking Show (now that’s “bang on”).

Plus, Mint will hook you up with a free, 30-day trial of Max. So, once you’re done with the nice baking show you can go and watch something a bit more intense, like Lovecraft Country.

What we don’t like about Cricket's prepaid cell phone plans

So far, Cricket kind of sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch? Well, the biggest issue is definitely that your data will be slowed down.

Data throttling

We already talked about how Visible will throttle your data speeds at 5–12 Mbps. Well, Cricket will do you one better (or one worse, I guess) by throttling your speeds at 3 Mbps.

Three Mbps should be enough for most basic stuff: posting to Instagram, scrolling through Twitter, streaming music, and using Google Maps. But those who want to game or stream video in HD may notice occasional lag time.

Alternative picks

Cricket isn’t the only prepaid carrier offering great deals on family plans. Check out these other low-cost unlimited data family plans.

Unlimited data family plan comparison

Recap: Which prepaid plan is best for you?

We’ve gone over everything you need to know about the best prepaid cell phone plans. But which one is best for you? Maybe a quick recap will help you decide.

We hope this review has helped you find the perfect new prepaid plan for your life (and your wallet). Let us know which one you picked in the comments section!

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans FAQ

Prepaid cell phones, or burner phones, are cheap cell phones designed for temporary use. Note that you don't have to use a prepaid cell phone to use a prepaid cell phone plan. But if you want an extra phone specifically for your prepaid plan, we recommend going with a cheaper phone option.

The cheapest prepaid unlimited plan currently comes from Visible. You can get an unlimited talk, text, and data from Visible for $15/month for the first three months of service. Yes, it's only a promotional price for new customers, so make sure to take advantage if you haven't used Visible yet.

As long as your prepaid phone is a smart phone that connects to the internet, you can technically use it without a data plan. You'll need to connect to Wi-Fi and use call and text apps (like WhatsApp or Skype). But if you want to use your phone on the go, you'll absolutely need a plan.

With a prepaid cell phone plan, there may be a limitation on data speeds, either in the form of throttling, or deprioritization. You also won't find as many perks with a prepaid cell phone plan, like discounts on newer devices and streaming subscriptions


To prepare the recommendations in this review, we started by comparing all mobile plans that offer a prepaid option. We used online comparison tools from our partners at WhistleOut to identify the following factors in a mobile plan: no contract, data allotment, data speed, network provider, and cost.

We winnowed down our list using our own extensive research into cell phone carriers and their networks. We’ve reviewed cell phone plans from all the major carriers and most of the smaller ones. We’ve conducted our own tests to determine which carrier offers the fastest upload and download speeds. We applied that knowledge base to prepaid cell plans.

This allowed us to determine which carriers offer the best prepaid and no-contract cell phone plans according to each of the key factors.

Tyler Abbott
Written by
Tyler Abbott
Tyler has been obsessed with watching sports as efficiently as possible since the creation of the DVR. He is always on the lookout for the best tech in TV and wireless so he can watch all the sports and still have enough time to hang out with his baby. He has written about streaming, wireless, and TV for over three years. He hopes the Lakers will eventually get better.

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